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Receive your FREE SEO report and website analysis from our experts today.

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Email design

Email marketing is still one of the most successful and cost-effective forms of digital marketing. We design bespoke email templates that work for mobile and integrate within your email software. Personalised email marketing with tailored and targeted content delivers better brand communication and high response rates.

Data collection

The majority of web traffic is visitors surfing rather than actual customers. But not collecting visitor data means you miss the opportunity to build future new customer relationships. By integrating our web apps with tried and tested data-collecting methods, we can help you grow and strengthen your marketing database for targeted email marketing.

Split testing

Successful email marketing combines the right message with the right design. Using split-testing software, we test alternative email messages and layouts to a segment of your customers. This identifies the most effective subject heading and email design, delivering a higher open and click- through rate and better conversion rate for your email marketing.

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