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importance of social media FI

Why your business needs social media

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Social Media.

Social media is growing at an incredibly fast rate. With a jaw-dropping 1/3 of the world using social media regularly, it has fast become an arena to not only introduce your brand and business to the masses, but to also battle with your competitors vying to do the same. Social media needs more strategizing, targeting, and… read more


How to get more clients with Instagram

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Marketing.

Back in January, we looked at harnessing the marketing power of Instagram – many of you found this an interesting topic, so we’ve decided to look in more detail at how you can use the platform to bring in more clients to your clinic. Who’s using Instagram and why it matters to your clinic According… read more


Creating brand awareness through Facebook, Google AdWords and the Google Display Network

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Business.

If you’re exploring ways to build brand awareness around your clinic, then you might want to consider a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising strategy that includes Facebook, Google AdWords and the wider Google Display Network. Why use PPC advertising to build brand awareness As the term suggests, ‘brand awareness’ is about making potential customers aware… read more


We are pleased to announce we’re Google Adwords Certified

Posted on Categories: Advertising, H&P News.

Our team member Lakan has passed with flying colours and is now Google Adwords Certified, by passing the AdWords Fundamental exam and Display Advertising exam administered by Google Partners. This AdWords certification recognises that we’re a certified online advertising professional.


The Benefits of Google Adwords

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Articles and Advice, General news.

When it comes to search engine optimisation and ranking well on Google, most companies go after organic page one listings, not least because they’re free. However, organic rankings take time, they’re not effective immediately and they’re very competitive, with larger websites often beating the smaller guys to the top spots. Google Adwords or Pay Per… read more


30 new patients in one day | Graphic Design & Marketing

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Articles and Advice, Dentistry, Healthcare design, Marketing, Print Design.

Effective marketing for practice open evenings Open days or evenings are a great way to promote new products, treatments and services to a mass audience and can help to drive sales and increase patient numbers. Patients also benefit from these events as they get the chance to ask the dental team questions about treatment for… read more

Campbell & Peace

Campbell & Peace | Email Newsletter

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Articles and Advice, Dentistry, Email Newsletters, Healthcare design, Marketing.

Save money and get accurate, instant analytics with email newsletters We have worked with Campbell & Peace in Nottingham on many past projects to help promote their specialist dental practice. This time they came to H&P wanting advice on a cost effective and successful way to let their patients and other contacts know about all… read more

H&P Design Nottingham

10 Reasons To Create A Practice Brand

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Articles and Advice, Branding, Dentistry, Healthcare design, Marketing, Name creation.

An original brand identity can help boost your patient base, build patient trust and create a loyal following. Clients are ever more discerning and sophisticated in their purchasing habits these days. They are not in the business of self-diagnosing; when new patients look for a new dentist, they look for service, expertise and a professional… read more