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The 6 Principles of GDPR

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Business.

General Data Protection Regulation will come to force on the 25th of May 2018. It is intended to protect EU citizens from the misuse of their Personal Data. This new regulation will not be affected by Brexit, UK businesses will need to handle all Personal Data in a manner that is compliant with the GDPR… read more


The End Of The World – How will the new Google updates for mobile friendly websites affect your ranking on Google?

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, General news, Responsive.

If your inbox is anything like mine it’s been invaded by strangers telling you that Google was updating its algorithms last month and that the world is pretty much going to end…well we’ve finally reached May so I guess we’re going to be ok. The truth of the matter is YES – last month –… read more


5 reasons why your website needs to be Responsive!

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Web design.

You may have heard about mobile responsive websites already. They are websites that are built to automatically respond and re-size when being viewed on different devices like a smart phone or tablet such as an iPad. (Technically it’s the devices resolution that the website is adapting too.) Then there are the separate mobile websites. The… read more


Getting better results with business planning

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Dentistry.

Your numbers can talk – but do you speak their language? How to make better decisions and get better results with business planning. This course will highlight what you don’t know about running a dental business. Discover the techniques that make the difference and how to use them in a practical way to improve your… read more


Why do websites fail?

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Blogs, General news, Web design.

Why websites fail and what you can do to make sure yours succeeds Do you have a website but struggle to attract traffic? Perhaps people visit your site for a matter of seconds then navigate away? Or are you finding it hard to convert traffic into new business? There are a number of reasons that… read more


The Benefits of Google Adwords

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Articles and Advice, General news.

When it comes to search engine optimisation and ranking well on Google, most companies go after organic page one listings, not least because they’re free. However, organic rankings take time, they’re not effective immediately and they’re very competitive, with larger websites often beating the smaller guys to the top spots. Google Adwords or Pay Per… read more


Website User Analysis | Website Design & SEO

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, SEO, Web design.

Keeping an eye on your website visitors Do you make website changes on a hunch? How do you decide where exactly is the best place on your website to put links to your implant page or orthodontics page? Do you really spend time reading through your Google Analytics Report and if so actually understand it… read more


Effective Website Design

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Dentistry, Healthcare design, Web design.

Effective Website Design Better marketing techniques, a better standard of competition and patients’ higher expectations of websites mean that more and more clients are seeking to break out of designing their website by templates and are coming to us to redesign, modernise and improve their websites to look very different.