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How to create a great landing page

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Spent loads of money on your website, but you’re finding it’s not converting visitors into customers? Perhaps it’s not even getting visitors? A great landing page is a very powerful tool in gaining you sales and helping you grow your business, when it has all the crucial elements. If it looks amateurish, or overly complicated,… read more


Selling Skincare Online

Posted on Categories: Business, Marketing.

Marketing consultant Adam Hampson discusses how aesthetic clinics and practitioners can use e-commerce to improve profit   Many clinics are beginning to, or already, sell skincare on their websites as an additional revenue stream. Selling products online is known as e-commerce and, in my experience, allows the opportunity for a clinic to boost its bottom… read more


How to triumph in the turf war against your competitors

Posted on Categories: Business.

What’s the famous quote from 1932 film, The Western Code – “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”? When you have a local competitor, it can certainly feel like there isn’t room for you both to run successful clinics. If you’re already worried about bringing new clients through the door then another… read more


Harnessing the marketing power of Instagram

Posted on Categories: Marketing, Social Media.

Nate Elliott, at Forrester Research, reported that Instagram is getting 29% more user engagement than Facebook and a whopping 60% more user engagement than Twitter. Some social media businesses, who have moved their advertising from Facebook to Instagram, have reported a 75% increase in client activity. If you’re not currently on instagram, you could be… read more


7 digital marketing predictions for 2018

Posted on Categories: Marketing.

Digital marketing is more important than ever in 2018. Newspapers are going out of print and traditional forms of advertising don’t have the impact they once had. it’s widely believed now, that if you’re not promoting yourself online, you’re not promoting yourself.   Here, at Cosmetic Digital, we keep ourselves updated on all new digital… read more


How to use blogging to grow your clinic

Posted on Categories: Blogs, Business.

Does your clinic website feature a blog? If it doesn’t – or if it does but you’re not blogging consistently – here are a few stats that may make you want to rethink your strategy: Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages, which means your website will appear in a wider… read more

omniya small

Omniya | Website Live

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Omniya is a clinic in the heart of Knightsbridge, who specialise in providing expert-led treatments with a premium service. They have an extensive range of luxury health, aesthetic and beauty treatments; including Lip Enhancement, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers as well as General Practice services, Hormone Therapies and Nutritional Therapy.  Cosmetic Digital and Omniya agreed that their website needed to emulate… read more


Avoiding Email Marketing Mistakes

Posted on Categories: Marketing.

Marketing consultant Adam Hampson discusses 10 common email marketing mistakes that can damage your campaigns and provides tips on how to avoid them Once you’ve enticed people to sign up to your mailing list with an irresistible offer like an online skin assessment or skincare tutorial, your next challenge is to ensure that they open… read more


How to write a powerful About page

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Did you know that the ‘About us’ page is probably the most visited page on your website apart from the Home page? This is true for most businesses in most industries and yet ‘About’ pages are often written as an afterthought or with no clear focus and intention. Knowing how important your ‘About us’ page… read more

Bowhouse small

Bow House | Website Live

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Bow House is an independently-run clinic held in Hertfordshire that specialise in providing expert-led treatments and a premium service. Cosmetic Digital and Bow House agreed that the website needed to emulate their renowned style and reputation with unique and modern design. Bow House have an extensive range of luxury treatments; including Lip Enhancement, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers… read more

loughb road small

Loughborough Road Dental Practice |Website Live

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Loughborough Road Dental Practice are an accomplished practice in the heart of West Brigford with a variety of expert-led dental and cosmetic treatments available. Patient well-being and satisfaction are at the centre of the dentistry’s ethos, and Cosmetic Digital worked closely with Loughborough Road Dental Practice to design a website that reflected that. Cosmetic Digital have manifested these traits into Loughborough… read more


How to create content that will boost your rankings and enquiries

Posted on Categories: Marketing.

Even the most beautifully designed website needs a strong content marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to be found in Google searches. These are the tools that tell potential clients that your website exists and inspire them to pick up the phone or fill out an online form to book an appointment. These days,… read more


Are You Ready For Google Security Update?

Posted on Categories: Business, Web design.

Google Chrome is making a statement with its latest update by disclosing whether a website has an SSL Certificate, inferring that the future of the web-world should be guaranteeing users a safe browsing experience. SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer, and acts as a security measure to create an encrypted link between browser and website… read more

dental implants for you small

Dental Implants 4 You | Website Live

Posted on Categories: Dental, Web design.

Dental Implants 4 You are an accomplished clinic based in London, and are the providers of an extensive range of high-quality Dental Implants to suit a variety of patient-needs. Patient well-being and satisfaction are at the centre of the Dental Implants 4 You’s ethos, and Cosmetic Digital worked closely with the clinic to design a website that reflected that…. read more