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Why video marketing is vital to your digital content

Posted on Categories: Marketing, Social Media.

Video is the most highly consumed digital media, with 300 hours of it being uploaded to YouTube every minute. Businesses not adapting their content marketing to include video aren’t reaping the engagement they could be and are missing out on those crucial conversions. Static content is useful for static views, such as an Instagram grid… read more

importance of social media FI

Why your business needs social media

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Social Media.

Social media is growing at an incredibly fast rate. With a jaw-dropping 1/3 of the world using social media regularly, it has fast become an arena to not only introduce your brand and business to the masses, but to also battle with your competitors vying to do the same. Social media needs more strategizing, targeting, and… read more


Blogging in aesthetics: why and how

Posted on Categories: Blogs, Business, Marketing, Web design.

We would always recommend a blog on your website. There’s a reason that there are so many people taking advantage of professional blogging under the topics of lifestyle, fashion, and even parenthood – it works. It brings traffic, it brings enquiries, it brings conversions. It’s one of the most inexpensive marketing tools to use on… read more


How best to spend your digital marketing budget

Posted on Categories: Marketing.

As a digital marketing agency, we clearly value the depth and dimension a well-spent digital marketing budget can bring to a business. Digital marketing can span anywhere from social media, to your website, to Google search optimisation, and should be utilised to the best of your ability to maximise your brand exposure.   Every business,… read more

featured image

The Hyperpigmentation Clinic | Website Live

Posted on Categories: Cosmetic Digital, Web design.

Our latest website build is live. The Hyperpigmentation Clinic is the world’s only specialist hyperpigmentation treatment centre designed to accommodate people of colour. Dr Vanita Rattan provides professional grade hyperpigmentation treatment using a Mandelic based treatment packed with Tyrosinase inhibitors designed for ethnic skin. Cosmetic Digital and The Hyperpigmentation Clinic agreed that their website needed to… read more


Big Changes Brewing

Posted on Categories: Business, SEO.

We’re constantly searching for new ways to grow and improve our clients’ experience, and we’ve had some big changes brewing. Digital Marketing Report Dashboard Our new user-friendly reporting system features your own online dashboard, so you can track your Google SEO, organic digital marketing and social media reports digitally and, most importantly, easily. This interactive… read more


5 Reasons Why People Leave Your Mobile Site

Posted on Categories: Responsive, Web design.

More and more of the world’s business is done online, but by 2017 a whopping 85% of British citizens were using smartphones compared to a lesser 78% using laptops. Business, it seems, is being done online on our smartphones, and our websites need to be compatible.   The new hyper-mobility of internet access means that… read more


The 6 Principles of GDPR

Posted on Categories: Articles and Advice, Business.

General Data Protection Regulation will come to force on the 25th of May 2018. It is intended to protect EU citizens from the misuse of their Personal Data. This new regulation will not be affected by Brexit, UK businesses will need to handle all Personal Data in a manner that is compliant with the GDPR… read more


How to get more clients with Instagram

Posted on Categories: Advertising, Marketing.

Back in January, we looked at harnessing the marketing power of Instagram – many of you found this an interesting topic, so we’ve decided to look in more detail at how you can use the platform to bring in more clients to your clinic. Who’s using Instagram and why it matters to your clinic According… read more


3 Changes you need to make to your SEO strategy in 2018

Posted on Categories: Business, SEO.

Is Google still king when it comes to search? It would seem so. NetMarketShare reported that Google accounted for 79% of all global desktop search traffic in 2017. It still pays to keep a close eye on how this search giant updates its algorithms with a view to making your SEO as effective as it… read more


How to create a great landing page

Posted on Categories: Web design.

Spent loads of money on your website, but you’re finding it’s not converting visitors into customers? Perhaps it’s not even getting visitors? A great landing page is a very powerful tool in gaining you sales and helping you grow your business, when it has all the crucial elements. If it looks amateurish, or overly complicated,… read more


Selling Skincare Online

Posted on Categories: Business, Marketing.

Marketing consultant Adam Hampson discusses how aesthetic clinics and practitioners can use e-commerce to improve profit   Many clinics are beginning to, or already, sell skincare on their websites as an additional revenue stream. Selling products online is known as e-commerce and, in my experience, allows the opportunity for a clinic to boost its bottom… read more


How to triumph in the turf war against your competitors

Posted on Categories: Business.

What’s the famous quote from 1932 film, The Western Code – “This town ain’t big enough for the both of us”? When you have a local competitor, it can certainly feel like there isn’t room for you both to run successful clinics. If you’re already worried about bringing new clients through the door then another… read more


Harnessing the marketing power of Instagram

Posted on Categories: Marketing, Social Media.

Nate Elliott, at Forrester Research, reported that Instagram is getting 29% more user engagement than Facebook and a whopping 60% more user engagement than Twitter. Some social media businesses, who have moved their advertising from Facebook to Instagram, have reported a 75% increase in client activity. If you’re not currently on instagram, you could be… read more


7 digital marketing predictions for 2018

Posted on Categories: Marketing.

Digital marketing is more important than ever in 2018. Newspapers are going out of print and traditional forms of advertising don’t have the impact they once had. it’s widely believed now, that if you’re not promoting yourself online, you’re not promoting yourself.   Here, at Cosmetic Digital, we keep ourselves updated on all new digital… read more